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  • Scrap lead items and other miscellaneous non-ferrous scrap include discarded or surplus lead-based products, as well as various non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and zinc, collected for recycling due to their valuable properties and environmental benefits.

    Lead Acid Batteries

    Price $0.00

    Batteries that were used, having lead electrodes and sulfuric acid electrolyte, often in cars and backup power systems. People like them because they have lead that can be recycled, and you can use them again when making new batteries.

    Lead Scrap

    Price $0.00

    Leftover stuff with lead, like pipes or sheets. People value it because it has lead that can be recycled, and you can use it again in different industries.

    Steel Case Batteries

    Price $0.00

    Batteries that have been used, having a casing made of steel, often seen in cars, industry, and homes. People find them valuable because they have steel that can be recycled, and you can process them again to get valuable metals and materials.

    Zinc Diecast

    Price $0.00

    Bits of components made from a zinc-based alloy through die casting, often used in car parts, toys, and hardware. People value them because they have a low melting point, are accurately shaped, and can be recycled in manufacturing processes.