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Machine Shop Scrap

When it comes to manufacturing aluminum is abundant! Aluminum is strong, durable, mendable yet cost effective when compared to other metals. This makes it a winner when manufacturing, and it is also a winner when recycling. Premier Metal Group pays top dollar for aluminum scrap. Don’t forget that aluminum turnings, aluminum chops, and aluminum punchings are also grades of scrap metal that Premier purchases. We pay top prices in the Rochester NY and Syracuse NY area!

Stainless Steel manufacturing has led to sophisticated advancements in all types of industries, and therefore carries inherent value. Stainless Steel comes in multiple grades, including non-magnetic 304, non-magnetic 316 and even 310 & 330 in some instances. The grading will impact the price, but Stainless Steel is typically more valuable than aluminum and a great source of scrap metal. As mentioned above, Premier also is competitively buying grades of stainless steel turnings, stainless steel chops, and stainless steel punchings.

Does your machine shop utilize water jet cutting?

If so, chances are that scrap metal is paying a premium! Water jet cut metal scrap is a great item to recycle because of the lack of oil contamination, meaning is a higher quality commodity.

Premier Metal Group also pays competitive prices

on any grade of Brass. Brass shavings, brass fittings, brass chops (including brass EDM wire), brass punchings, etc. all are high value scrap because of the copper content that brass contains.

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