Lead Scrap


Leftover stuff with lead, like pipes or sheets. People value it because it has lead that can be recycled, and you can use it again in different industries.

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Lead scrap encompasses discarded lead materials from diverse sources, including manufacturing, construction, automotive batteries, and electronic waste. Found in various forms such as lead-acid batteries, pipes, sheets, bullets, or solder, these items may become obsolete or damaged. Recycling lead scrap is essential due to lead’s toxicity and potential environmental and health risks if improperly disposed. The recycling process involves collecting, sorting, and smelting to purify the lead, which can then be used in the manufacturing of new products like batteries, radiation shielding, and ammunition. Recycling lead scrap not only conserves valuable resources but also mitigates environmental and health hazards associated with lead. It contributes significantly to sustainable waste management and reduces reliance on primary lead extraction.