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  • Scrap aluminum refers to discarded or surplus aluminum materials, such as cans, sheets, or extrusions, that are collected for recycling to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact.

    1S Wire

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    Bare aluminum wire, widely utilized in electrical applications. Esteemed for its exceptional conductivity, lightweight characteristics, and recyclability, serving diverse industrial and residential needs.

    Aluminum Extrusion

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    Aluminum profiles made by pushing or pulling heated aluminum to shape them into specific forms. People like them because they're lightweight, resist corrosion, versatile, and have many uses in industries like construction, automotive, and manu [...]

    Aluminum Insulated Wire

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    Wire made of aluminum with a covering of insulation material, usually used for electrical wiring. People like it because it's good at conducting electricity and has insulation, making it fitting for various electrical setups in homes and busin [...]

    Aluminum Litho

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    Sheets made of aluminum used in printing and then collected for recycling. People find them valuable because they have a smooth surface, are lightweight, and can be recycled because they're made of aluminum.

    Aluminum Radiators

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    Radiators from different places like cars or heating systems, mostly made of aluminum. People really want them for recycling because they have valuable aluminum, and it's good for the environment to use the material again.

    Car Rims

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    Parts of wheels made from aluminum alloy, usually taken from thrown-away car wheels. People like them because they are lightweight, have aluminum that can be recycled, and can be used to make new rims or other things from aluminum.

    Cast Aluminum

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    Aluminum parts made by casting methods, commonly present in car parts, machinery, and household items. People like them because they have recyclable aluminum, are versatile, and can be melted down and used again in manufacturing.

    Irony Aluminum

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    Aluminum leftovers with impurities or contamination, usually coming from mixed materials or alloys. You might need to do extra processing to get rid of the non-aluminum parts.


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    Tiny bits or clippings of aluminum, usually from making things like machining or fabrication. People find them valuable because they have aluminum that can be recycled, and you can use them again in different products or aluminum mixes.

    Old Sheet Aluminum

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    Metal sheets made of aluminum that are leftovers from different uses like roofing, construction, or cars. People find them valuable because they have metal that can be recycled.


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    Metal from outside siding or gutter systems, usually made of aluminum. People find it valuable because it has metal that can be recycled.

    Used Beverage Containers

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    Aluminum containers like cans or bottles, often used for drinks. People find them valuable because they have metal that can be recycled, and it's good for the environment.