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  • Scrap brass encompasses discarded or surplus brass items, like valves, fittings, or decorative pieces, collected for recycling due to its high value and potential for reuse in various industries.

    Auto Radiators

    Price $0.00

    Taken from cars, these radiators are made of a mix of brass and copper. They're in high demand in the recycling business because they have valuable metals and can be used again.

    Brass C Metal

    Price $0.00

    A kind of brass with a decent amount of copper and different levels of zinc. Usually found in plumbing fittings, valves, and other brass stuff. People like it because it has recyclable metal and is good at resisting corrosion.

    Brass Shells

    Price $0.00

    Empty brass shell casings from bullets, usually taken from used cartridges. They have a lot of copper and are prized for recycling because of their metal content. You can use them again in different industries.

    Contaminated Brass

    Price $0.00

    Brass stuff with a mix of steel, plastic, or other things that aren't brass. People like them because they have metal that can be recycled, but sometimes you might need to clean or prep the surface before recycling.

    Yellow Brass

    Price $0.00

    A usual mix of copper and zinc, commonly seen in plumbing fixtures, valves, and musical instruments. People like it because it resists corrosion, is durable, and can be recycled in different industries.