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Premier Metal understands the diverse array of scrap metal generated from roofing and siding materials, and we’re equipped to manage them with precision. Whether it’s aluminum roofing sheets and flashing, copper gutters and downspouts, galvanized steel panels, zinc-coated materials, or other metal components, we ensure efficient and responsible recycling. Opting for Premier Metal means accessing exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a firm commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our streamlined process—from pickup to payment—ensures a seamless experience for our clients. By choosing scrap metal recycling with Premier Metal, you not only benefit from hassle-free transactions but also actively contribute to preserving our planet. By reducing waste and promoting the reuse of valuable resources, you play a vital role in building a greener future.

Trust Premier Metal for all your roofing and siding scrap metal requirements, and let’s work together towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Sheet Copper

Copper sheets that are flat, usually coming from roofing, electrical panels, or decorative uses. People value them because they have copper that can be recycled.

Sheet Iron

Thrown-away household or industrial appliances mostly made of steel. People value them because they have steel that can be recycled, and you can use it again in different manufacturing processes or make new things.


Metal from outside siding or gutter systems, usually made of aluminum. People find it valuable because it has metal that can be recycled.

Heavy Melt

Thicker pieces of scrap steel and iron, usually from industrial or construction materials. People find them valuable because they can be recycled in the metal industry.

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Meet Elio, our metal guru at Premier Metal. He’s all about making sure you’re happy. With tons of know-how, Elio gives great advice on selling scrap metal. At Premier Metal, we’re all about keeping things clear and easy. Elio makes selling a breeze with his personalized touch. Choose Elio and Premier Metal for fair prices and expert help. With Elio’s smarts and our friendly vibe, selling scrap metal is a breeze. Trust Elio to get you the most bang for your buck!

What Our Customers Have To Say

Jonah R.Customer

The staff were awesome, helped me unload and worked with me to get a great price. Dominic was very friendly, he helped me set up an account, and the rewards program is a great bonus. I will definitely be bringing all my future scrap metals here!

Ralph O.Google Review

This is hands down the best scrap yard in Rochester! They made sure to separate all my copper so I received the best price. Very clean facility, great staff, and I made the same amount here as another scrap yard and had less wire this time around. Selfless ! Great Team!

Joseph L.Google Review

Went to the new Carin street location and it was very nice! I’m not a full time scrapper but everyone was super helpful and kind! 10/10 would go again!