Yellow Brass


A usual mix of copper and zinc, commonly seen in plumbing fixtures, valves, and musical instruments. People like it because it resists corrosion, is durable, and can be recycled in different industries.


Scrap yellow brass refers to the recycling of discarded or unused yellow brass materials, encompassing various items and components made from this alloy. Examples include plumbing fittings, valves, electrical connectors, ammunition casings, and musical instruments, among others. Scrap yellow brass is typically gathered and processed by scrap metal dealers or recycling facilities.

The recycling process involves several steps, including sorting, cleaning, and melting the brass scrap to extract the valuable brass alloy. The resulting recycled yellow brass can be utilized in the manufacturing of new brass products or components. This practice diminishes the necessity for extracting and refining raw materials.

The value of scrap yellow brass is influenced by factors such as its purity, weight, and prevailing market conditions. In the scrap metal industry, yellow brass scrap is commonly traded based on its weight, measured in pounds or kilograms. Recycling yellow brass contributes to resource conservation, waste reduction, and lessening the environmental impact associated with the extraction and production of new brass materials.