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  • 1S Wire


    Aluminum wire with a purity level of at least 99.7%, commonly used in electrical applications. Valued for its excellent conductivity, lightweight nature, and recyclability for various industrial and residential purposes.

    Aluminum BX Cable


    A type of electrical cable with aluminum armor and conductors, commonly used in residential wiring, valuable for recycling due to its aluminum content and environmental benefits.

    Aluminum Extrusion


    Extruded aluminum profiles formed by pushing or pulling heated aluminum to create specific shapes or profiles. Valued for their lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, versatility, and wide range of applications in industries such as constru [...]

    Aluminum Insulated Wire


    Aluminum wire coated with insulation material, typically used in electrical wiring applications. Valued for its combination of electrical conductivity and insulating properties, making it suitable for diverse residential and commercial electri [...]

    Aluminum Litho


    Aluminum lithographic sheets collected for recycling. These sheets are typically used in printing applications, valued for their high-quality surface finish, light weight, and recyclable aluminum content.

    Aluminum Radiators


    Radiators from various sources, such as automobiles or HVAC systems, made primarily of aluminum. Highly sought-after in recycling due to the valuable aluminum content and environmental benefits of reusing the material.

    Car Rims


    Wheel components made of aluminum alloy, typically sourced from discarded automotive wheels. Valued for their lightweight nature, recyclable aluminum content, and potential use in the production of new rims or other aluminum products.

    Cast Aluminum


    Aluminum components formed through casting processes, often found in automotive parts, machinery, and household items. Valued for their recyclable aluminum content, versatility, and suitability for remelting and reuse in manufacturing.

    Irony Aluminum


    Aluminum scrap with impurities or contamination, often sourced from mixed materials or alloys, may require additional processing for removal of non-aluminum components.



    Small pieces or clippings of aluminum, typically sourced from manufacturing processes, such as machining or fabrication. Valued for their recyclable aluminum content and potential use in various aluminum-based products or alloys.

    Old Sheet Aluminum


    Scrap metal sheets of aluminum, sourced from various applications, such as roofing, construction, or automotive, valued for their recyclable metal content.



    Scrap metal from exterior siding or gutter systems, typically made of aluminum, valued for its recyclable metal content.

    Used Beverage Containers


    Scrap aluminum containers, such as cans or bottles, commonly used for beverages, valued for their recyclable metal content and environmental benefits.