Steel BX Cable


Cable for electricity with a tough steel armor and conductors, often used in homes and businesses. People like it because it’s strong, lasts a long time, and has steel that can be recycled in the metal recycling industry.

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Steel BX cable, also recognized as armored cable or BX wire, stands as a versatile electrical cable widely employed in residential and commercial wiring. This flexible metallic cable features insulated electrical conductors enveloped by a spiral-wrapped metal armor. Typically housing two or more insulated copper conductors responsible for carrying electrical current, the metal sheath offers both conductor protection and serves as a grounding pathway, prioritizing safety.

Constructed with a steel armor, BX cable excels in durability and mechanical strength, shielding against physical damage, moisture, and environmental elements. Beyond safeguarding conductors, the metal armor provides a degree of electromagnetic shielding, mitigating the potential impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on electrical signals.

BX cable finds application in scenarios demanding heightened protection and robustness, such as wiring circuits for lighting, outlets, and appliances. Its common deployment includes exposed or high-traffic areas, as well as locations susceptible to moisture or potential damage.

Installation, grounding, and connection procedures for BX cable necessitate adherence to local electrical codes and guidelines. Due to the importance of electrical safety and regulatory compliance, the installation and maintenance of BX cable should be entrusted to professional electricians or individuals well-versed in the pertinent procedures.