Skids and Pallets


Skids and pallets play a crucial role in handling scrap metal by providing stability and ease. They prevent damage, facilitate stacking, and simplify transportation, contributing to enhanced safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.

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Skids and pallets are integral components in the handling and transportation of scrap metal, offering a stable foundation for stacking and securing metal items. Their significance lies in providing a protective barrier, preventing direct contact between the metal and the ground. This serves to minimize the risk of damage or corrosion to the valuable scrap materials.

In addition to protection, skids and pallets contribute to the efficient movement of metal through the use of forklifts or other handling equipment. This ensures safer and more organized loading and unloading processes, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing overall workplace safety.

By incorporating skids and pallets into the handling of scrap metal, these materials can be systematically grouped, stored, and transported. This optimized logistics approach not only streamlines operations but also minimizes potential hazards associated with direct contact or improper handling of the metal items. Skids and pallets, therefore, play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of scrap metal throughout the handling and transportation processes.