Sheet Iron


Thrown-away household or industrial appliances mostly made of steel. People value them because they have steel that can be recycled, and you can use it again in different manufacturing processes or make new things.


Sheet iron, also known as shredding material in the scrap metal industry, refers to flat pieces or sheets of iron or steel that are commonly processed through shredding for recycling purposes. These sheets are often thin and can come from various sources, including discarded appliances, automotive components, roofing materials, or other items made of iron or steel.

When it comes to appliances, sheet iron can be found in items like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, or metal cabinets. These appliances contain flat metal panels or surfaces that can be shredded and recycled as sheet iron. The shredding process involves breaking down these items into smaller, more manageable pieces, allowing for efficient recycling.

The shredded sheet iron is then typically sent to recycling facilities, where it undergoes further processing. This may include sorting, cleaning, and melting to extract the iron or steel content. Recycling sheet iron from appliances and other sources contributes to resource conservation, reduces waste, and minimizes the environmental impact associated with the production of new iron and steel.