Oversized Shearing


Big or bulky steel things like beams, pipes, or machine parts, usually from industrial or construction materials. People find them valuable because they have metal that can be recycled and used in tough applications.

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Scrap oversized shearing refers to the process of cutting or shearing large and bulky metal items into smaller, more manageable pieces for recycling or disposal. It is a technique commonly employed in the metal recycling industry to handle and process oversized scrap materials.

Oversized shearing is typically used for cutting heavy metal items such as beams, pipes, plates, machinery components, and other large structures that cannot be easily handled or transported in their original form. These items are often made of steel or other ferrous metals.

The process of oversized shearing involves the use of specialized hydraulic shears or mechanical shearing equipment capable of exerting significant force to cut through the thick and heavy metal. The shearing machines employ sharp blades or blades with hardened edges that exert pressure to sever the metal material cleanly.

By using oversized shearing techniques, the large metal items are transformed into smaller and more manageable pieces, facilitating transportation, storage, and further processing. Once the metal has been sheared, the resulting smaller sections can be transported to recycling facilities or scrapyards for further processing and recycling into new metal products.

Scrap oversized shearing is an important step in the metal recycling industry as it enables the efficient handling and processing of large metal scrap, optimizing the recovery of valuable materials while reducing waste and environmental impact.