LG Insulated Copper Wire


Less pure insulated copper wire, often taken from electrical cables, with a lower copper content. People value it because it has recyclable copper and can be used again.

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Low-grade insulated copper wire in terms of scrap metal refers to copper wire with a lower-quality or non-valuable insulation covering. This type of scrap includes various examples commonly found in household items, electronics, and communication systems. Household cords, such as those used for appliances or electronic devices, often contain low-grade insulated copper wire. Additionally, harness wire, commonly found in the automotive industry for wiring harnesses, may have lower-quality insulation. Communication wire used in networking or telecommunications applications is another example of low-grade insulated copper wire. The recycling process for this type of scrap involves separating the copper conductor from the insulation through methods like stripping or burning. While it may have a lower value compared to higher-grade copper wire, recycling low-grade insulated copper wire is essential for resource conservation, waste reduction, and environmental sustainability in the scrap metal industry.