HG Insulated Copper Wire


Top-quality insulated copper wire, often taken from electrical cables, with a lot of copper in it. People value it because it has recyclable copper and can be used again.

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Scrap HG (High Grade) Insulated Copper Wire, often referred to as THN (Thick), is a type of insulated copper wire with a distinctive composition. This wire is characterized by its thick copper core and a relatively thin coating of insulation. The copper wire within is of high quality and thickness, offering good conductivity and durability.

The insulation layer surrounding the copper wire is typically thin, providing basic protection without significantly impeding the conductivity of the copper. This type of wire is commonly used in various electrical applications where a robust and efficient conductor is required, and the thin insulation layer helps maintain flexibility and ease of handling.

When this type of wire reaches the end of its useful life or becomes obsolete, it is considered scrap HG Insulated Copper Wire. The recycling process for this scrap involves collecting and processing it at recycling facilities. During recycling, the insulation material is typically stripped or removed from the copper wire to extract the valuable copper content. Various methods, including mechanical stripping, may be employed in the recycling process.

Scrap HG Insulated Copper Wire holds value in the recycling industry due to the high-quality copper it contains. Recycling this type of wire helps conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize the environmental impact associated with extracting and refining new copper. The recovered copper can then be reused in the production of new copper products or components, supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.