Cu/Al Radiators


Cooling system radiators, often in cars or HVAC units, with copper tubing and aluminum fins. People like them because they have copper and aluminum that can be recycled, and you can use them again in different industries.


Copper-aluminum radiators, when considered in the context of scrap metal, refer to discarded or recycled heat exchangers that contain a combination of copper and aluminum components. These radiators are commonly found in automotive applications, serving the vital function of cooling engines by efficiently transferring heat away from the circulating coolant. In the realm of scrap metal recycling, copper-aluminum radiators hold value due to the presence of both copper and aluminum, two metals with distinct properties. The copper tubes contribute excellent thermal conductivity, while the aluminum fins enhance the surface area for effective heat dissipation. Recycling facilities and scrap metal yards collect these radiators, dismantle them, and separate the copper and aluminum components for further processing. Recycling copper-aluminum radiators not only recovers valuable metals but also promotes resource conservation and sustainable practices within the scrap metal industry.